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Juicing recipes that will help you fight the bulge this summer – and the best juicers you need to make them

Summer is upon us and if you’ve been over doing it on the booze and unhealthy foods, why not give juicing a go? There have been a number of celebrities, trainers and fitness experts evangelising the benefits of juicing , claiming it is good for everything from weight loss to improving digestion and boosting energy.… Read More »

Let's Talk About the Silent 'Sup—or When Guys Feel the Need to Nod at Each Other Public

You’re walking down the street and make eye contact with a dude going the opposite way—what do you do? As a recent Reddit thread revealed, if you’re like a lot of guys, you probably do some kind of nod—a subtle, some say instinctive nonverbal greeting you may not even be aware you’re performing. It’s a… Read More »